Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Zodiac Litter

I am delighted to have found show homes for two of the Zodiac litter puppies but still am looking for the right home for Libby. Meanwhile, Peanut, Aries, and Taurus have all revisited me for short stays while their owners vacation.
My husband and I were able to return to our home last week, having been nomadic for 4.5 months while our destroyed home was rebuilt. We are surrounded by over 250 boxes of "contents" and are trying to get our house back in order.
In the new year I hope to see several Blue Run dogs showing in the conformation ring. Blue Run's Red Robin (Lilly) just turned 2 years old and will be strutting her stuff in the January shows. A perfect 19 inches, we held her out of the ring to mature as many judges will not "put up" a 19 inch girl as being too small. The PWD standard states 19 inches at the withers is "ideal" and I hope the judges will reread the standard and give this girl the points she deserves. Meanwhile, Blue Run's Red Sky Delight (Violet) is showing in the south east states and I hope to have a beautiful young boy, Blue Run's Black Jack (Shamu) entered in the Florida circuit shows in January.
When health testing is completed, CH Blue Run's Noel Deck the Halls (Danny), will
be available at stud to appropriate girls.

I have no breeding plans until late summer or fall of 2011. I do want to find the right
placement for Libby who is now 3.5 months old.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Show Girl Available

The Zodiac litter has all been placed except for one
beautiful little girl who is looking for a show home. She is
just too nice to become "just a pet" and I want to keep
her in my breeding program. I will keep her until the right
home comes along and hopefully keep my husband, too.
After 4 long months our home, damaged by a storm in July,
is ready for reoccupation. It will be nice to be back home
for the holidays after leading a nomadic existence with five
adult dogs and 9 puppies.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Amber-Jack puppies have Arrived!

These are the new babies, all of whom are one pound or more today at four days of age.
It is such a pleasure when every puppy is healthy and thriving as with these puppies.
Can anyone tell which one is the curly puppy? There is only one.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Amber-Jack puppies have Arrived!

Early this morning, right on schedule, Amber efficiently delivered 9 beautiful Portuguese Water Dog puppies. All but one are wavy. Three have Amber's Irish markings. There are 5 girls
and four boys and all are robust and nursing vigorously. Four of the puppies weighed in
at a whopping 16 ounces. I don't know how she fit all those babies inside. Amber is much more
comfortable now that the babies are here and I am delighted with this handsome litter.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Donnie is so sad....

This is Blue Run's Don Quixote, age 7. He just lost his home when the 3 year old grand kids moved in with Grandma. That's why he looks so sad. Donnie is the first dog that has been returned to me since I have been breeding. Like most PWD breeders, I stand behind my dogs for the life of the dog. So despite being temporarily homeless, and despite having puppies due
in a few days, Donnie came to live with me while I looked for a new home for him. Thanks to the wonderful PWD community, literally dozens of people have contacted me to see if they could have this sweet boy. He will be leaving for his new home next weekend. I know that Donnie
is going to be very happy in his new forever home with Jennifer Flanagan, an experienced PWD owner who recently lost her old boy. This playful guy is going to bring her a lot of joy.

Whenever a PWD is made available, the "rules" are that all the health data must be posted. Donnie's Dam:
CH Providencia's Luckey Yardley: Optigen A1 (02-307); GM-1Normal;OFA PW2789G24F-NOPI good: CERF PW4628N/2004-60.
Donnie's Sire:
Aarion George Washington: Optigen AI (02-3147);GM-1 Norml; OFA PW 3536G35M-NOPI
good; CERF PW 4627N/204-42.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Chock full" of puppies!

Yes, Amber's pregnancy is confirmed. And it looks like it will be
a large litter, too. We are excited about this line breeding on
Jack because he is such a special boy. I am now taking deposits
on this litter. Prospective owners can reach me best by e-mail at
should you like to make an application and submit a deposit to
hold a puppy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Puppies expected but reaching me may be hard

The day after breeding my Amber to Jack on July 25th, our home was
bissected by a large tree during a storm. Fortunately, although five of our
guests were pinned under the roof, there was no loss of life and no serious
injuries. But this did render us homeless and difficult to reach. Our usual
home phone is out of order as the house is without power and condemned.
People trying to reach me for puppy inquiries should e-mail me or call
me on my beeper (301-930-3213) and leave a message so I can return
the calls. The litter will be listed on PWDCA next week and I am worried
that my nomadic existence will make it more difficult to meet with
future owners.
Most likely I will end up whelping this litter at our Virginia farm.
I'm thinking of naming the puppies with a natural disaster theme: Blue
Run's Earthquake, Blue Run's Hurricane, Blue Run's Water Spout, Blue
Run's Dust Storm, etc. Weatherwise, this this has been one hell of a year!
I remain optimistic that the puppies will be fantastic despite the
confusion and disruption of losing our home. As always, my main focus
is on the well being of the babies we expect next month.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Amber's puppies due September 22nd, 2010

Amber has finally deigned to come into heat.
She will be bred in about 11 or 12 days and
puppies should arrive in September. This is
really counting ones chickens before they're
hatched but I've never had a miss with one of
my girls and they deliver on day 63 like clockwork.
CH Watermark Toby's Black Jack is the sire,
a grandfather X grandaughter breeding that
should produce really spectacular puppies. Jack is
12 and Amber may be one of his last conquests. I
am so delighted that Jan Mosher has made this
wonderful old man available to me again. I am hoping
to use Radar, Jack's beautiful son, in a breeding
next spring.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blue Run has a new champion!

Danny, Blue Run's Noel Deck the Halls, owned by
Stephen and Melissa Himes, finished his championship
on May 1st at the Wilmington Kennel Club show under
judge Marjorie Martarella. Danny is two years old and
when health testing is complete, he will be available at
stud to approved PWD girls looking for a medium sized
boy who will carry on his father's great genes. Danny was
sired by BISS CH Watermark Toby's Black Jack, recently
named International PWD Stud 2009 at Crufts. We are
very proud of Danny!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dash Away! Dash Away! Dash Away All!

Pictured above is the Reindeer Litter, born on Christmas Day, and just leaving for their new homes. All the puppies have families except Dancer (second from left) who is waiting for just the right family to come along. These sweet and affectionate puppies were quieter than my previous litters.
Because of the deep snow and a power outage at my home that lasted 6 days, the puppies had a great adventure when we had to move in with friends. Along with the puppies, we brought the five adult dogs. Added to the resident 2 dogs and cat, we had a real menagerie! Thank goodness for good friends....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Puppy Questions

Since posting the pictures of the "reindeer", I have received a number
of posts to my blog inquiring about them. Not only do I not allow posts
to this blog, but the sender's e-mail is not included when the comments
are forwarded to me. If you want to contact me about these puppies or
a future litter, there is a contact link on the right of this page that says:
"contact Cheryl". As with most PWD breeders, I place each puppy in the
home that I feel is most suitable and don't accept deposits on a specific
puppy because of its markings. There are so many more important
considerations in placing a puppy than the color of its coat.

I try to keep puppies in the greater Washington D.C. area and only make
exceptions if the puppy is going to a dedicated show home or the buyer
already has one of my dogs and has had the nerve to move away from the
area! I do a lot of owner mentoring and I like to see my dogs after they are
placed. If folks are more than 100 miles from me, the likelihood of my seeing
the dogs and being able to maintain good follow up on them is nil. Since
knowing the long term results is key to improving one's breeding program,
I discourage distant buyers and try to refer them to breeders closer to their
The best resource for finding a puppy is to go to the puppy listing
at All puppies listed on that site are bred by people who
have signed a six page agreement with the parent club guaranteeing that
they will do all appropriate health testing on the breeding pair and stand
behind their animals if there is a problem for the life of the dog. There are
many fine breeders who do not use the puppy listing as well. If the puppy
is not on the breeders' list, a buyer should expect to see original documents
confirming the health testing on the parents before purchasing from the
breeder. There are some people who breed just for the money and don't
care about the dogs they produce. Fortunately, the majority of the PWD
breeders are careful and conscientious. Ask the breeder to provide you
with references and then call them.