Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Foxy Graduates

Foxy is the first of the "Free" litter to graduate from puppy obedience. By contract, all owners
enter their pups in an obedience class by 6 months
of age as Porties can be a hand full. Doesn't
Foxy look cerebral in her cap and gown? And
very serious, too.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stud chosen for next breeding....meet Skee

This handsome boy is CH Kimlyn's Olympic Mogul aka Skee. I have
chosen him for Isa to be bred in the fall. Isa is CH Blue Run's Aquarius.
This would be a line breeding with an 8% coefficient of inbreeding, a
level which gives "predictable" results by "forcing type". If the puppies
look like the parents, as they should, they will be stunning. Skee has
one of the most correct and impressive chests I have seen on a Porty.
I visited him to assure that he has the temperament and attributes I
want in a stud and he passed with flying colors. I had seen him as a
one year old and made a mental note: you want to use this boy when
he is old enough!