Friday, October 30, 2015

Coming on New Year's Day.....

 This is Korra, Blue Run's Willing to Water Bend. She
is being bred to CH Scrimshaw's Griffin, an all black
boy who has sired many healthy puppies over a long
breeding career. If all goes as planned, the puppies will
be going to their new homes the first week of March,
2016, with a New Year's Day delivery expected. With
such a pretty mom, these puppies should be adorable.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Research on Hemangiosarcoma

There is a new jointly funded research project on
Hemangiosarcoma. This disease kills one in four
Portuguese Water Dogs. Anyone who loves this
breed and wishes to donate to the "Shine" project
to fund this research can do so by accessing this link:

I am donating in memory of Blue Run's Right on Red,
Blue Run's Doce Moro, and Blue Run's Feather. All
died of this disease and are sadly missed. Red died at
age 7, Darcey at age 11, and Feather at age 10. All too
young and oh so sad.