Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Amelia's St. Patrick's Day puppies

This robust group of 4 boys and one girl were born on St. Patrick's
Day. Amelia is the mom and she is taking excellent care of her
little brood. All but two white boys are spoken for. All of the white
puppies are curly and they will be stunning.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Why does everyone seem to want to name their dog Lulu? This
is Lulu G. in her new home. Oh my goodness she is cute. New
owners are sending me pictures of their puppies and it is such
a delight. She is wearing the "required" harness. Blue Run
puppies are only walked with a lead on their collar after they
have learned how to walk politely and not to pull. I worry they
might injure those little necks.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Amelia is two days prior to whelp

    This is Blue Run's Willing to Work. She is a dead
ringer for my first female Porty, Yardley, who, along with
Dante, decided to start a breeding program 13 years ago.
  The next available puppies will be a litter sired by
Amelia's brother, Bacchus, (CH Blue Run's Willing to
Serve), and Crissy, (CH Shasta's Cerveja Cristal Preta My
BFF at Metanoia), due March 29th. These puppies will
be whelped and raised in Royal Oak, Maryland.
(email: if you don't want to
miss out) Both Bacchus and Crissy are Irish marked
(like Amelia), black and white dogs. The babies will
have a lot of chrome and the Blue Run easy going

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Time Litter Nears Departure

These are Libra's puppies with Griffin. Many of
them are able to escape the pen, always a sign it is time
to leave.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Are those Blue Run dogs at the White House?

I'm often asked if Bo and Sunny are from my kennel since folks
know I try to place locally. No, neither is a Blue Run dog but both
have been great ambassadors for the Portuguese Water Dog breed.
Now people know better than to ask "Is that a Doodle?" which is
like waiving a red flag in the face of a pure bred dog breeder. (No,
doodles are not and never will be AKC recognized "breeds". They
are mixed breed dogs being sold to gullible buyers. It's a case of not
getting what you pay for. Just sayin'.)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Blue Run Therapy Dogs

Some dogs are just meant to do therapy. Pictured is 3 year old
Mari with a 96 year old family member in hospice. Mari is
doing what is called "the melt" in which she applies her body
against the patient and lies there quietly. This is bringing comfort
to both the patient and family who bring Mari to her regularly.