Monday, May 14, 2018

Porty puppies stay "puppy" for a long time

Anyone with a Porty understands this picture.
Could that be one of my socks? Is there a reason
you look so proud of yourself Moby?

Thursday, April 26, 2018

How to recognize a puppy mill or "backyard breeder"

In Canada they have a program called Market Place where I
came across this video about puppy mill purchases.
 In the USA, the new puppy mill sites are on the web. Very
few pet stores are left that sell cats or dogs in the USA. But
this video applies to how many animals (available on line
for sale) are actually raised. It's quite deplorable.
Increasingly, there are on line scams where you send the
money and no dog ever comes!
Hobby breeders raise their dogs in their homes. They don't
ship dogs to people sight unseen.  Blue Run dogs are placed
locally (Washington D.C. area) almost exclusively. A face to
face interview at my home is required and all family members
need to show up. If you find a breeder who will sell you a
puppy without interviewing you, you may be dealing with a
puppy mill or a "backyard breeder" who does no health testing
or follow up.
 I always tell impulse shoppers, "Buy in haste;
repent at leisure."  Waiting for a puppy from a good local
breeder is your best assurance of getting a healthy dog. Visit
the breeder and meet their dogs. See how their dogs are housed
and what kind of temperament the animals have. It is an expensive
and long term commitment. Do at least as much research as you
would do if you were buying a new car.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Lizzie is no longer available

This flashy brown and white girl is sired by my boy,
CH Blue Run's Willing to Serve (Bacchus). Lizzie is 3
months old and as you can clearly see, she is adorable.
(Lizzie found a home in Bethesda, MD, where I can keep
a close eye on her.)

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Trudi and Naia

These sweet sisters spent the week before Easter together. The
owners of litter mates are encouraged to help each other when
one family has to be away. Clearly, after a week back together,
Trudi and Naia are joined at the hip. These are pups from the
Romeo/Mays litter born last December.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Blue Run Sired Brown Girls

This picture shows two of the three brown girls sired by CH
Blue Run's Willing to Serve (Bacchus).
When Diamond is bred this fall, we are unlikely to have nice
brown pups like these. They will likely be solid black. I missed
my breeding her this month despite having a stud lined up and
a back up stud. That's  how it goes sometimes. One kennel had
mycoplasma that needed to be treated and the second boy had
a previous assignation for the same day who took priority. I
was very disappointed but Diamond is young. I so much prefer
having summer puppies!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Willa is now Blue Run's Entitled to Swim

There is serious cuteness going on here. Willa is in her new
home settling in with her new family, doing well with her house

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Sometimes a puppy is just so cute you want to eat them up.
This little boy is that kind of puppy. He is very special and
had to be fed separately with a silver spoon. He didn't come
by the name Prince by accident. He is one of the fabulous
Title Nine litter out of Romeo and Mays.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Juliette is now Champion Blue Run's Juliette

It's so nice to have a lovely dog out showing. Juliette finished her
Championship this week after just a few weekends of showing with
new handler Heather Helmer. Juliette's "boyfriend" Kylo finished
his championship the same day. We thought we'd enter Juliette
just to help Kylo show better. And big surprise, we got the win, too.
Now begins the stud search to find the perfect match for a fall
breeding after Juliette turns two in August.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Mays' second baseball team is here!

I couldn't be happier. All nine pups  were delivered successfully
and 5 of the 9 are girls.  Four of the pups are Irish marked with
white boas and chests and two of the Irish marked are the curlies.
These puppies ranged from 11 oz to 13.75 oz, all very chunky
and uniform. When you have a litter like this there are no puppies
that need individualized attention. It's overwhelming enough to
deal with so many! (and in the winter, ugh)
Mays' owner Ruth will have the puppies for their first month and
then they will come to my home because I have more space for
growing pups. We hope to identify some nice show prospects to
continue Romeo's legacy here in the USA. He has several champion
offspring in Europe and our Juliette will probably be his first
 champion in this country.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Kali aka Blue Run's Riverwood Kali

I ask my owners to bring me their puppies at six months of age so I can assess nutrition and look for retained baby teeth. Often I throw in a free grooming as an incentive. Today I saw this little beauty from my breeding to GCH Riverwood's Prince of Tides CGCA. She is one of several puppies in this litter of 9 that look like future show prospects. This little girl is the spitting image of her daddy, Ripp. Of course, my girl CH Blue Run's Willing to Play Ball, is also responsible for these gorgeous puppies and did considerably more work! But I am grateful that Ripp gave me such a nice litter of pups.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mays bred to Cruft's winner Romeo

CH Hi Seas Dr. Romeo MacDuff is the number one Portuguese Water Dog in Europe, having won Best of Breed at Crufts for the last three years. He is the father of my current litter (one male, two females) who are just 2 weeks old and he was just bred to CH Blue Run's Willing to Play Ball (Mays) this past week. If the breeding is successful, we should have a litter of puppies in December from this very special boy.  Romeo does not carry brown so they will be black and white like the puppy (not mine) shown in the picture with his dad.
Addendum: 11/3/2017 Mays is  definitely pregnant with at least six babies identified on sonogram. Puppies are due Dec. 10th.

Blue Run sired puppies are coming; Bruna is Pregnant!

CH Amigo's Victorious Velvet (Bruna) was bred to CH Blue Run's Willing to Serve (Bacchus) and sonogram confirms she is pregnant with puppies expected November 15th. Because Bacchus has produced brown in the past, we are pretty confident there will be brown puppies in this litter. These puppies will be whelped and raised in Germantown, MD. by Bruna's owner, Tanya. Interested in a puppy? Contact me by email at:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

New Blue Run puppies

This handsome boy has a white chest and paws. He has two
little sisters, one all black and one with a bit of white. All three
are probably wavy. I'm looking for special nearby homes that
are willing to consider that their puppy may "be a contender"
down the road. They are sired by CH  Hi Seas Dr. Romeo
MacDuff, three time best of breed winner at Crufts, and my
sweet girl Blue Run's Ignite the Night (Jadee).

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Blue Run's Resolved to Bring Joy (Luana)

Luana is a brown dog with large areas of white. We call
these pi balds. In Europe, she would be ineligible to be
shown because she is more than 30% white. But as you
can see, she is in the winners circle on her first weekend
of shows. Good job Luana!