Thursday, July 30, 2015

Yearly Follow ups

I contact all my owners each year to see how their dog(s) are
doing and to update my records on any health or behavior issues.
Often they send me pictures. You know how they say if you live
together long enough, you begin to look alike? Here are Lotus
and Juki (cousins). They are now dressing alike!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Amelia visits for her Health Screening

Prior to breeding, both sire and dam need to have complete health 
testing. Amelia is staying with me for a few days and will see the 
eye doctor for her CERF tomorrow and will have cheek swabs done
for the gene tests we now have to clear our dogs for GM-1 (storage
disease), PRA (blindness), and JDCM (cardiomyopathy). This also 
gives Amelia a chance to reacquaint with my "pack" so that when
whelping time comes, she will be comfortable in my house and with 
my dogs. (Amelia only weighs 44 pounds and she thinks she is a lap