Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Amber-Jack puppies have Arrived!

These are the new babies, all of whom are one pound or more today at four days of age.
It is such a pleasure when every puppy is healthy and thriving as with these puppies.
Can anyone tell which one is the curly puppy? There is only one.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Amber-Jack puppies have Arrived!

Early this morning, right on schedule, Amber efficiently delivered 9 beautiful Portuguese Water Dog puppies. All but one are wavy. Three have Amber's Irish markings. There are 5 girls
and four boys and all are robust and nursing vigorously. Four of the puppies weighed in
at a whopping 16 ounces. I don't know how she fit all those babies inside. Amber is much more
comfortable now that the babies are here and I am delighted with this handsome litter.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Donnie is so sad....

This is Blue Run's Don Quixote, age 7. He just lost his home when the 3 year old grand kids moved in with Grandma. That's why he looks so sad. Donnie is the first dog that has been returned to me since I have been breeding. Like most PWD breeders, I stand behind my dogs for the life of the dog. So despite being temporarily homeless, and despite having puppies due
in a few days, Donnie came to live with me while I looked for a new home for him. Thanks to the wonderful PWD community, literally dozens of people have contacted me to see if they could have this sweet boy. He will be leaving for his new home next weekend. I know that Donnie
is going to be very happy in his new forever home with Jennifer Flanagan, an experienced PWD owner who recently lost her old boy. This playful guy is going to bring her a lot of joy.

Whenever a PWD is made available, the "rules" are that all the health data must be posted. Donnie's Dam:
CH Providencia's Luckey Yardley: Optigen A1 (02-307); GM-1Normal;OFA PW2789G24F-NOPI good: CERF PW4628N/2004-60.
Donnie's Sire:
Aarion George Washington: Optigen AI (02-3147);GM-1 Norml; OFA PW 3536G35M-NOPI
good; CERF PW 4627N/204-42.