Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blue Run's Willing to Play Ball

This pretty girl is growing into a lovely adult and looks just like her
mother, Lilly. After Mays has her hip X-rays done in May, we hope to
get her out showing in the conformation ring.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Nico Joins Libra in Bench Sitting

Nico is very proud of himself as he has managed to get up on the
bench for the first time to help his aunt Libra guard the back yard.
Nico and Libra have identical markings but Nico is curly. He
adores Aunt Libra. I think Nico may have used the piled up snow
to climb on the bench but he is still very pleased with himself.

Blue Run's Just for Keeps

These are the Amber/Skee puppies born in December. The
curly puppy second from right is named Nico and he is the
new member of my pack, trying to fill the big paws of our
wonderful Dante who died in January at age 14.5 years.