Tuesday, January 26, 2016


This little guy is two weeks old and is having a
rocky time. He has been  slowly gaining weight
because I tube feed him every 2 hours 8 to 9 times
a day. I named him Rocky because I hope he will
be the "come back kid"  and turn into a robust
puppy. It is puppies like these that the breeder
struggles to save but often they don't make it. 
Could he be any cuter?

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tuckered out after delivery of 9 pups

Libra delivered 9 pretty black and white puppies, 6 girls, 3 boys,
on January 10th, 2016. Although Griffin also sired this litter, there
are no browns and no "pi's". One little guy looks like Korra who
is tending her 9 in an adjacent bedroom.  Two litters at the same
time? Color me crazy. I didn't think Korra was pregnant due to
mishandling of her blood work used to time the breeding. So, I
have an embarrassment of riches with these two beautiful litters.

Do Porties have an "off" switch?

Thankfully, the answer is"Yes!" But, the off switch generally
doesn't kick in until about age 2.  This is Isa lounging and
recalling the lovely puppies she produced last year.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Resolutions

Here is a picture of the 9 puppies in the Resolution Litter born
on 1/1/2016. The 3 female pi-balds are easy to tell apart with
their very distinctive markings. The 3 brown puppies at the top
right, two boys and one girl, are almost identical and probably
curly The two black pups are almost identical, too, except one is
wavy and the other curly. The pretty Irish marked brown boy will
go home with Korra. He has show boy written all over him.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Korra Has Delivered

All nine puppies made it and there were some real surprises in
this colorful litter of 6 girls and 3 boys. First, I think all but one are
curly (which is recessive). Five of the nine are brown (which is
recessive) and the stud owner says that the browns that Griffin
produces stay a nice rich brown without fading (Yay!). Three are
pi-bald, one is Irish marked, and the remainder are solid colored
with small amounts of white. All seem robust. Mom accomplished
this miracle in just 4 hours.
These puppies make up the "resolution litter" since they are born
today, New Year's Day, 2016.