Monday, December 23, 2013

Libra delivers

The babies have two mommies with Blue Run's Noel Joy sharing
the nursing duties. With such a large litter, it is helpful when one
of my other girls volunteers to help. Also pictured is one of the
pups at 3 days of age. Most of the puppies are marked with
about 30% white markings on legs and chest area. Very flashy!
Libra delivered 11 female puppies. The chance of having an all
female litter of 11 is one in 2048. The puppies are all wavy and
most have white chests and front legs. A few only have white
toes and a white chest and chin. All but the one lost during the
whelp are doing great and Libra turns out to be a very gentle
and careful mother. She looks a lot more comfortable, too, now
that all those big babies are out. Weights were between 12 and
14 ounces which is ideal.
Here is a short video of the puppies at 10 days of age:

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Amelia, one of the promising 6 month old pups

It was so much fun to see Amelia today, the first visit since she departed 4 months ago to her new home. Like all of the puppies in this very fine litter, she is turning out beautifully. I am very proud of my boy Willie
(Blue Run's Aries) and my girl Lilly (CH Blue Run's Red Robin) for producing such stunning puppies with lots of potential.

I am currently waiting for Libra (Blue Run's Libra) to whelp on December 23rd. She is chock full of puppies. I am guessing ten.