Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Amelia is two days prior to whelp

    This is Blue Run's Willing to Work. She is a dead
ringer for my first female Porty, Yardley, who, along with
Dante, decided to start a breeding program 13 years ago.
  The next available puppies will be a litter sired by
Amelia's brother, Bacchus, (CH Blue Run's Willing to
Serve), and Crissy, (CH Shasta's Cerveja Cristal Preta My
BFF at Metanoia), due March 29th. These puppies will
be whelped and raised in Royal Oak, Maryland.
(email: if you don't want to
miss out) Both Bacchus and Crissy are Irish marked
(like Amelia), black and white dogs. The babies will
have a lot of chrome and the Blue Run easy going

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