Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Zodiac Litter

I am delighted to have found show homes for two of the Zodiac litter puppies but still am looking for the right home for Libby. Meanwhile, Peanut, Aries, and Taurus have all revisited me for short stays while their owners vacation.
My husband and I were able to return to our home last week, having been nomadic for 4.5 months while our destroyed home was rebuilt. We are surrounded by over 250 boxes of "contents" and are trying to get our house back in order.
In the new year I hope to see several Blue Run dogs showing in the conformation ring. Blue Run's Red Robin (Lilly) just turned 2 years old and will be strutting her stuff in the January shows. A perfect 19 inches, we held her out of the ring to mature as many judges will not "put up" a 19 inch girl as being too small. The PWD standard states 19 inches at the withers is "ideal" and I hope the judges will reread the standard and give this girl the points she deserves. Meanwhile, Blue Run's Red Sky Delight (Violet) is showing in the south east states and I hope to have a beautiful young boy, Blue Run's Black Jack (Shamu) entered in the Florida circuit shows in January.
When health testing is completed, CH Blue Run's Noel Deck the Halls (Danny), will
be available at stud to appropriate girls.

I have no breeding plans until late summer or fall of 2011. I do want to find the right
placement for Libby who is now 3.5 months old.

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