Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Puppies expected but reaching me may be hard

The day after breeding my Amber to Jack on July 25th, our home was
bissected by a large tree during a storm. Fortunately, although five of our
guests were pinned under the roof, there was no loss of life and no serious
injuries. But this did render us homeless and difficult to reach. Our usual
home phone is out of order as the house is without power and condemned.
People trying to reach me for puppy inquiries should e-mail me or call
me on my beeper (301-930-3213) and leave a message so I can return
the calls. The litter will be listed on PWDCA next week and I am worried
that my nomadic existence will make it more difficult to meet with
future owners.
Most likely I will end up whelping this litter at our Virginia farm.
I'm thinking of naming the puppies with a natural disaster theme: Blue
Run's Earthquake, Blue Run's Hurricane, Blue Run's Water Spout, Blue
Run's Dust Storm, etc. Weatherwise, this this has been one hell of a year!
I remain optimistic that the puppies will be fantastic despite the
confusion and disruption of losing our home. As always, my main focus
is on the well being of the babies we expect next month.

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