Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Bu begins his show career in July

Blue Run's Riverwood Khumbu (from the 14 month 0ld Mays/Ripp litter) is going to show dog camp this week with Daddy Ripp who is being "specialed" by Bill and Diane Keppen. Top Porty handlers Michelle and Michael Scott will be showing both dogs as well as Luana from the Resolution litter (Korra/Griffin). Khumbu's (aka Bu) debut will be July 5th at the Howard County shows. Diane and I are very excited about these handlers accepting these 3 dogs. We decided it was worth the higher fees and the long distances for drop off to move into the big leagues. Michael was very encouraging about Bu saying "He's a very nice puppy." If I had a tail to wag you would hear it thumping! Bu's owners (Ryan & Caty ) and Ruth & Iain  (who raised this litter) will be avidly following this boy's show career. Bu has his daddy's deep chest and impressive bark and looks like a chip off the old block. Meanwhile, Bu's sister, Kali, is growing some coat and maturing while she awaits her turn to shine in the ring, perhaps in the fall.

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