Sunday, December 10, 2017

Mays' second baseball team is here!

I couldn't be happier. All nine pups  were delivered successfully
and 5 of the 9 are girls.  Four of the pups are Irish marked with
white boas and chests and two of the Irish marked are the curlies.
These puppies ranged from 11 oz to 13.75 oz, all very chunky
and uniform. When you have a litter like this there are no puppies
that need individualized attention. It's overwhelming enough to
deal with so many! (and in the winter, ugh)
Mays' owner Ruth will have the puppies for their first month and
then they will come to my home because I have more space for
growing pups. We hope to identify some nice show prospects to
continue Romeo's legacy here in the USA. He has several champion
offspring in Europe and our Juliette will probably be his first
 champion in this country.

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