Friday, December 19, 2014

Amber and Yaya delivered

Amber had four lovely puppies, also requiring emergency
c-section on Sunday night. Thank goodness for wonderful
repo vet Dr. Dove who delivered all four babies without
incident. One puppy was an astounding 18.25 ounces. Ouch!
I don't think Amber could have gotten this big boy out on
her own.
Yesterday, beautiful Yaya produced 6 pretty pups all on her
own. She was helping nurse Amber's brood because Amber
has no milk and Yaya has been leaking milk for weeks. While
visiting, Yaya started to deliver her puppies and three of us
sat on the floor for 9 hours while she brought her two girls
and four boys into the world. Her last litter was born in the
back seat of my van so she is being consistent, fooling us
each time.
So the final count is 5 girls and nine boys with the Orlando
family keeping a boy and me looking very covetous of the
one curly boy who looks like my next show puppy. I hope
never to have 3 litters again in such proximity as it exhausted
me and my wonderful helpers. We always say "it takes a village"
and we really saw the truth of that this week.

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