Monday, July 25, 2011

Joy/Shamu breeding: puppies due in November, 2011

Blue Run's Noel Joy (Joy) was bred to Blue Run's Black Jack (Shamu) in September. Puppies are due around November 19th. This is a tight line breeding on BISS CH Watermark Toby's Black Jack, who has the most impressive credentials
of any stud in the PWD community. The puppies will probably be mostly black with a bit of white. Shamu has tuxedo markings with a nice white bib.
Both Shamu and Joy share excellent health markers. Joy carries a protective H allele at the FH2532 marker which is associated with a decrease in the incidence of Addison's disease, a fairly common illness in the Portuguese Water Dog (2.7%). This information was provided through participation in the Georgie Project, the most extensive research project conducted on any breed of dog.
(Currently, 49 of my dogs participate in the Georgie Project which has been granted funding by the National Institutes of Health.) Families interested in a puppy from this litter should contact me by using the "contact Cheryl" link on the right of this post or by e-mail at